Barnett’s Magazine Online has always tried to be fair when it comes to showcasing custom Harley-Davidsons of any type. We’ve presented stunning hand-built customs from builders big and small and everything in between from rat bikes to trikes to baggers to retro to the totally outrageous that almost redefine custom motorcycles. Lately there’s been a lot of honest back lash and harsh language from commentators on our Barnett Harley-Davidson Facebook page concerning custom baggers and how silly, useless, stupid and what a waste of time they are. I’m not even going to go into aesthetic reviews, but suffice to say, some people just don’t get them and never will. So here’s one for you bagger haters that should be right up your tree and I’m not implying you have simian tendencies, just your own opinion tree.
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   At Barnett’s Magazine Online, we have lots of photo galleries that are defined according to a type or style of bike ranging from baggers to bobbers and everything else in between. Sometimes it takes a bit of brain matter to figure out where they might fit in the best as some bikes kinda overlap categories. With today’s feature bike, there wasn’t a millisecond of thinking involved ─ chopper. I mean if you asked somebody who was or wasn’t a motorcyclist to describe or maybe even draw a chopper and I guarantee you it will look like the profile of this bike. Well, maybe they’d be a few different details, but it would just as fantastically retrolicious as this straight out of the ‘60s and ‘70s chopper.
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   The unbelievable skills and craftsmanship of today’s builders sure makes building a retro-inspired (I’m tired of saying Old School) chop hard to pull off. Not that they don’t understand or try capture the authentic feel of a vintage chopper by using all the right stuff, they just can’t do it the way it once was done by most builders. They’re just too damn good. With all the knowledge and skill advances (never mind the modern equipment) over the past four decades or so, builders today are generally much, much more capable of creating a high-quality custom build without having to ever cut corners.
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