This event is home to one of the largest custom bike shows on the East Coast. The Ray Price Motorsports Expo Bike Show is an International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) Sanctioned Event. Independent judging is performed by IMBBA approved judges. There was over $15,000 and prizes ready to be claimed by the lucky winners. If that’s not enough, add to that the Perewitz Pick Paint Award which for me would be impossible to judge ─ so many works of art.
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So we’ve caught your attention, huh? I thought so. Here’s a custom big wheel bagger you couldn’t miss if you tried and, for once, it has nothing to do with wheel size. There it was sitting seaside at last year’s Boardwalk Show in Daytona Beach when Barnett’s Magazine Online’s photographer extraordinaire captured it in digital form when it wasn’t looking. Everyone who came anywhere near it was, though, as this is one build that seems to have a lot to say. 
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     Ever been to a rave? Me neither. But in case you don’t know exactly what a rave is, it involves a lot of dance music played extremely loudly in a psychedelic atmosphere with casual sex and drugs thrown in. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not good, but if you were 19 or 20 again you might think otherwise. It’s a sensory overload of anything and everything extreme in life and certain people revel in it. You know, that rave thing sounds like the mantra that radical custom bagger builders and owners adhere too just with Harley-Davidsons featuring extreme sound and without the dancing and drugs. Casual sex could still be in play. 
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   Don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned this or not, but I’ve got a thing about gold. Yeah, I know, big surprise, everybody covets gold for its unique metallic properties and its high value. Hey, that’s okay for you maybe, but I’ve got a thing about gold paint on motorcycles, not the stuff selling for an ounce at $1319.60 as of August 29th. What the hell would I do with an ounce of gold, look at it? But, a well-done gold motorcycle is something I know exactly what to do with and it ain’t just looking at it. 
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  There are certainly a lot of mysteries in life and most of them will go unanswered. Sometimes, though, it’s possible to give an answer to the unanswerable like the question on most peoples’ minds and that is, “What kind of bike would the late and great king of rock ‘n’ roll, the one, the only, Mr. Elvis Presley ride today?” I know the answer and I’m completely sure of it after a couple of trips through Graceland and working a party in Elvis’ Palm Springs home where I got to sneak through the house. Yes sir, Elvis-the-pelvis would have a fleet of big wheel baggers at his disposal if he was still capable of taking care of business. They’re, big, flashy and a rolling show-boat just like the man himself.
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   There you are sitting in the sand with more sand blown up all around you by the ocean wind giving you a light, even coating like a piece of fried chicken on top of your newly applied sun block. With no room to spare on your Harley, you’ve come to the beach in the most minimalist way possible. You, a towel and something to drink. Hey, it’s still cool in its own strange way, but a little more comfort and accommodation would go a long way.
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  Even if you’re not a big shopper of which I have to plead guilty, a two-for-one sale will always grab your attention. Paying the price for one thing and getting another just for the hell of it always appeals to even the non-shoppers. Can you imagine the astute shoppers that would come out of the woodwork if Harley-Davidson announced a twofer? The crowds forming outside Barnett Harley-Davidson or any other dealer would not be able to be controlled as even any police detail would be short with any officers standing in line to get their two-fer. Well that’s a fantasy for sure, but the two-for-one Road Glide you’re looking at is the real deal.
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    Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the hubbub of what constitutes a custom bagger these days. Does it really need a 30-inch front wheel and bulbously beautiful bodywork to be classified as a true custom or have we just got jaded if we see anything less? Does it need to drop to its knees anytime it’s parked? Does it have to have an audio system good enough for a concert hall? Yeah, maybe, it does if you’re first priority for your bagger is the show circuit, but that’s not what everyone is after in a custom bagger. A lot of people want good looks matched with custom bits and pieces that will make them stand out from the crowd, but still want the everyday rideability/go anywhere traits of why they bought it in the first place. 
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Man-O-Man, it’s hard to believe it’s been 55 years since the first Shelby Cobra was introduced the American public and a legend was born that still brings out the automotive lust deep inside us. Carroll Shelby’s Anglo-American hybrid had performance, looks, and an attitude that still grabs attention today even in replica kit form. Talk about bad ass, a Cobra was the very definition of bad ass and still is today. They’ve become an American icon as much as Harley-Davidson has with the same type of loyal fans who can only dream of owning a million-dollar Cobra, but can definitely afford a Harley. Mix up those twin lusts in a shaker glass and what’ll pour out is the Cobra-inspired custom Road Glide that’ll still knock your socks off like a Cobra did although maybe not quite as much. I can think of a million reasons why, but you get the point.
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   Don’t start yelling at me that this isn’t a Road Glide. It is. Although you’d never know it by taking a casual look at Jack Cofano’s always lovely photos and that’s kinda the beauty of the Harley Touring platform. It’s pretty much all the same except for the differences needed to mount this or mount that. Matter of fact, the most recent incarnation of this All Star Baggers build seemed to have found its Road Glide mojo again and the frame mounted fairing has found its old perch once more. It looks like a cool Road Glide custom bagger now with room for more gizmos and doo-dads custom bagger freaks live for. Personally, I like this version better, but then I’m not a big fan of fairings, frame or fork mounted. So, let’s just go with this one as the coolest version.
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