Sometimes you don’t really know a guy, but sometimes you just gotta like and respect a guy when he just keeps dropping a new facet of himself on you that yu never suspected and it’s somehow always interesting. Delbert Soucier Jr. of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is just one of those guys. Calm, cool, unassuming, dryly funny as hell, imaginative in both practical and artistic ways while being the owner of Mutiny Cycle Works and having a full-time day job as a Senior Estimator at a rather large construction company, Delbert’s been an extremely interesting and instantly likable guy from the first time we spoke years ago. The boy just wants to have fun and will absolutely work his butt off to do it. When it comers to building one-off, ground-up motorcycles, you gotta respect Delbert’s hard work and his imagination that refuses to be reigned in or restricted by a strict budget. Remember, a successful estimator is an imaginative estimator.
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   Every time I get a new (at least to me) bike, I always wonder if this one will be the forever bike I’ve dreamed of keeping or is it just another pleasant step along the way. Although I’ve dearly loved just about every bike I’ve owned, it unfortunately became time for some of them to hit the road for practical and/or new bike lust reasons. Just like most of you, I can be tempted with a different (and not necessarily new) model, color, use, whatever excuse I need at the time.
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