Sometimes I can’t believe how stupid I can be especially when it comes to overlooking an awesome custom build that happens to be in the so-called basement of our photo galleries. Getting lost amid all the bikes we’ve previously featured is easy as there are literally thousands of photos floating around in our Internet hosted gallery of custom builds. Sometimes all I see in a jpg is a bit of a handlebar or a seat or something that just doesn’t immediately grab my eyeballs and that was the case here. Man-o-man am I glad I opened up this set of photos out of sheer curiosity I had been constantly bypassing. 
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Oh you just gotta love a bike like this sensationally striking Shovelhead springer Jack Cofano brought back from the recent Smoke Out 18 in digitized form for all to see and enjoy. Although the event is possibly more well known for its multitudes of rough and tough garage built bikes, that doesn’t mean you won’t see builds that are just this side of over-the-top in fit and finish. Smoke Out attendees love to see anything that looks like it’s been homebuilt whether it’s a primered rat bike or something as highly finished as this Shovel. Anything goes as long as it isn’t a big wheel bagger with a carnival paint job, those are strictly verboten and if they were there, they’d probably be in imminent danger of being deconstructed shall I say.
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      Looking through the bikes old squinty-eye Jack Cofano has loaded up into our editorial galleries for future stories, there seems to be a lot of Old School/’70s-style/retro/or whatever-you want-to-call-them choppers. I just think of them as choppers as choppers are their own special entity and the longbike Panhead chopper built by Christopher Phillips of Doomtown Choppers, could be the perfect template of what a vintage-influenced chopper style can and should be.   
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   Up to now I’ve seen quite a few tribute bikes, some good and some not so good simply because they were trying too hard. But I will say this is the first one that also has a tribute trailer as part of the deal. You don’t see very many bikes with trailers on the road and you rarely if ever see one at a motorcycle show unless it’s parked outside. Show-quality custom trailers does not fall easily from the mouth or mind, but that’s exactly what we have here on the James Hetfield tribute bike and trailer you’re gawking at.
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   Another lovely day at the Boardwalk Show in Daytona Beach and another cool piece of Old School Harley history sitting right there in all its Shovelhead glory. There’s a good bit of sparkling going on when the sun hits the paint so it’s not an easy bike to just pass by. In a show with extreme customs, this FLH holds its own and then some. You can see where the builder/owner was going with this and it’s a pretty unusual take on something now at least 37-years old and looking better than ever. As we’ve said before, the Boardwalk Show does not allow any type of info on bike or builder and the builder/owner is never around to make contact so everything’s a guess but it’s all good because it doesn’t change a thing about this stunning Shovelhead.
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   Right now, 2006 seems like decades ago. So much has gone on since then like the economic crisis in 2008 that tried its best to sink the country to the recovery and then onto the current presidential race which seemed to go on for years by itself. Time just has a way of slipping by that makes you forget things both good and bad. That can be a good thing especially when it involves a good friend who has passed way before their time. Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios in Novato, California, knows exactly how it feels to lose a good friend like the late Johnny “Chop” Vasko. 
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    Have you ever seen anything like this unbelievably radical ride? I know I haven’t even though I’ve seen some wild rides in my time. Sure, some of that early Arlen Ness stuff was way-way out there, but nothing is or was quite as over-the-top as this two-wheeled stretch limo for one. Man, that’s a l-o-o-n-g bike with just about everything covered in bodywork but those triple velocity-stacks on S&S Super B carbs sticking out of that wave of bodywork engulfing the bad ass 103-inch 1976 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine. There’s a whole lot going on here, but I don’t know exactly what it is, do you Mr. Jones?
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   So, if you’re tuning in and maybe didn’t catch yesterday’s article of the top ten sales of the Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas this past January 25-28, you can always time travel back to yesterday via the Internet and read about those six-figure or close-to-it vintage bikes. Today, though, we’ll look at bikes that struck my fancy. Yes, it’s that simple a judging on my part with no pretense as being the absolute best buys or perfectly correct and ready for professional judging. There certainly was a lot to like and you can see them all on if that’d be more interesting than my choices. Up to you, I’m just plowing ahead and hoping for the best.
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  Ask any Harley-Davidson freak what’s their favorite Harley model and you’ll hear a lot of different answers from Knucklehead to Panhead to Flathead to Ironhead to Shovelhead to whatever. It’s usually a vintage model from decades ago. But, there is a bunch of H-D fanatics that are in a Harley world of their own who would chose an FXR, any FXR, as the best thing The Motor Company’s ever built. All of the things that seemingly made an FXR a hard sell on the showroom floor is what interests them the most. An exposed tubular frame made for handling, comfort and cornering along with lighter weight and rubber engine mounting made lifetime believers out of some Harley faithful to the point where anything else is cool they say, but there’s nothing like a Harley-Davidson FXR.
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   Some bikes just got it and some bikes don’t. Since the first gasoline-fueled engine lit up and ran, there’s always been an ongoing debate over whether or not a machine could have a soul or not. It’s all too easy to jump behind one argument or the other and a good high school debater could probably make us question whatever we think. It’s so easy to scientifically ration away how a machine constructed from various metal parts could take on a personality or have a soul, so-to-speak, but that’s missing the whole point. I would venture a totally unscientific guess that could easily be disputed as I have no facts to back it up, but I think most of us believe our bikes are a soulful source of satisfaction with a life of their own.
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