Does this bike remind you of something, maybe an idea you had or saw? Did you or a friend have a bike a lot like this at some distant time? Is this your secret idea of what a bad ass chopper would look like if you had the time, money and talent? Well I don’t know about you, but this is a very neatly done version of a bad ass Harley Shovelhead chopper is a virtual template of what a garage builder on a reasonable budget just might turn out. Someone really kept the DNA of a Harley intact while radically modifying it from stock and I gotta like that. This is a Harley that happens to be a chopper. It looks so familiar because we’ve all seem something like this somewhere, but this Shovelhead has its own unique look. You can see the owner just by looking at the bike and that is freakin’ cool.
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   Barn finds are one of those things we all dream about. If you haven’t experienced finding some old crock and yanking it out of its resting place with the thought of restoring it, keep dreaming because they’re out there. It doesn’t have to be some one-of-two ever made that you have to restore without any thought about the money, time, and hard work. And, it doesn’t have to be a dead stocker either as finding some real Old School chop in sorry condition and bringing it back to life again as to what you thought it originally was built can be just as rewarding and maybe even more usable.
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  Oh no! The world’s turning sideways again and I’m having one of those flashbacks they warned us about except this isn’t one of those remnants of Psilocybin flashbacks, but the real thing. I’m sitting in the back of a study hall doing anything but studying, actually I’m sketching away on yellow arithmetic paper as usual. I’m doing my best to draw a perfect circle followed by two more inside that. Hey, you can’t have a tire without a rim. I always start at the front and work back until I have what I consider the perfect rendition of a late 1960’s chopper as it’s actually the late 1960s.
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  There’re a few questions about this Harley-Davdison FLH-based Shovelhead Chopper we need answers for. No, not that it’s a 74” or 80”, is it a kick-start-only or has an aftermarket electronic ignition or why an SU carb and how does it work with drag pipes? We don’t care if it’s a four or five-speed tranny either. We just want to know whose it is and we assume it’s the smiling gentleman in the photo. The photos were obviously taken in Barnett Harley-Davidson’s parking lot by Mr. Spicoli who forgot where he put the owner info (big surprise there). We can only assume since El Paso is home to Fort Bliss  and by the mystery man’s haircut and what looks like a military base sticker on the left fork leg that this fine young man just might be serving his country at the time the photos were taken. If you recognize yourself, please help keep Jeff in a job and let us know who you are in the comments section below.
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