Everybody knows all about Kryptonite and how it can be fairly dangerous for Superman to be around if Superman actually was around. If the man of steel is exposed to Kryptonite, he loses all his strength, goes weak in the knees and, well, you can guess the rest. Surprisingly, Panheads are my Kryptonite. Whenever I get close to one I too get weak in the knees and begin breathing hard. Yup, like a lot of you Panheads are my Kryptonite and always will be.
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Oh you just gotta love a bike like this sensationally striking Shovelhead springer Jack Cofano brought back from the recent Smoke Out 18 in digitized form for all to see and enjoy. Although the event is possibly more well known for its multitudes of rough and tough garage built bikes, that doesn’t mean you won’t see builds that are just this side of over-the-top in fit and finish. Smoke Out attendees love to see anything that looks like it’s been homebuilt whether it’s a primered rat bike or something as highly finished as this Shovel. Anything goes as long as it isn’t a big wheel bagger with a carnival paint job, those are strictly verboten and if they were there, they’d probably be in imminent danger of being deconstructed shall I say.
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  Oh it’s Smoke Out time again and the pickings couldn’t be more interesting if I had personally made all the building choices. Hot Rod magazine always pushed their mantra of “Dare to be different!” and that certainly didn’t apply to a 1969 Camaro. That cry led to a plethora of customized vehicles the likes of which had probably never graced a magazine before. People made cool high performance Pinto wagons that looked killer or maybe an over-the-top restomod 1954 Plymouth Belvedere. Nothing was off limits except maybe ’69 Camaros. 
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