Whenever I’ve bought (or not bought) a used bike, condition isn’t the only thing that determines whether to buy or not. They always have a back story and a few times over the years, the back story became the reason to whether I stepped up to the plate or ran like a little girl. Some stories made me feel obligated to take care of a bike even if it had been needlessly abused and sometimes the story had a little bit of too much bad luck involved. Purchasing a bike based on feelings has its ups and downs, but sometimes a bad feeling can end up being a good feeling like the case of the street fighter/café racer CB 750 pictured here. Hope you like back stories.
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   Well there it is, the cat’s out of the bag if you didn’t already know that one of Barnett Magazine Online’s favorite builders, Tim Bradham of TBC Handcrafted Motorcycles in Fayetteville, North Carolina, won the invitational Pro Builder Chop Off at The Horse Backstreet Choppers’ Smoke Out 16. I don’t know who the judges were, but that had to be one tough competition as all the bikes were killers. Apparently Tim’s just had a tiny bit more and I’ve got a feeling the “handcrafted” part of the shop’s name had a little something to do with it.
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