Well if this beautiful little bobber built by Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers isn’t the two-wheeled epitome of Mitch Ryder’s Devil with the Blue Dress On, I don’t know what is. Still not convinced? Well stop staring at the lovely ’56 Harley Panhead engine and all the other really neat doo-dads and take a damn good look at that blue dress. In this case, that blue dress is the old-style lugged frame that could have been a show stopper just by itself. And, it’s not some vintage Harley-Davidson frame with cast iron lugs dipped in chrome, but a Will Ramsey-built special with stainless steel lugs and that fact’s too cool for school, even Old School.
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  For a lot of builders there’s the dilemma of whether they build a custom bike to only win shows or build a bike to ride the hell out of on the street. Somehow it’s gotten to the point where trying to combine the two approaches into one bike won’t get you much of winner or a rider. Compromise can be a killer on both deals and that’s probably why most builders wouldn’t bother to try and make a rideable show bike. But, a few builders wouldn’t accept less than a real deal motorcycle even if it’s meant to be ogled by show goers and be a serious award contender. Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of those few and his bike called Dead at 19 proves that you can have your cake and eat it too.
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Street 750 Diamond Black Hand Grips

   Standing out from the crowd gets a bit easier with Harley-Davidson’s Diamond Black Collection Hand Grips (P/N 56100142, $89.95). They’re part of the Diamond Black Collection (footpegs, a shifter peg and a brake pedal pad) for Street models that exposes raw billet aluminum detailing, the satin black finish is designed to wear like denim to achieve an ultimate personalized look.