Ironhead old school chop

2018-06-13 16:30:54 Published in Feature Bikes

Meridian, Mississippi To Chattanooga, Tennessee – 319 Miles.       Another early morning at the AG Pavilion. This morning is a bit different having camped out. Breakfast is being served at the pavilion, which was great, and we really feel at home here. The tent is put away and all the gear loaded back on the bike. It was a great photo opportunity for some good pics of the campers as they pack up.  Meanwhile, other riders are arriving from nearby hotels.  Everyone is rested and in good spirits, ready to see what the morning meeting holds in store for us. We welcome the new FNGs as we do every morning and then the pledge.  We are really getting into the swing of things by now. The safety briefing reminds us not to get over confident in our riding. It takes everyone to make it all happen safe.

The five minute horn blew and soon we are heading out to our first fuel stop and lunch in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our Road Guards have everything under control as we roll toward our destination. As we arrive at our fuel stop at the Pilot Truck Stop, I look around as I am waiting to move up to fuel. . As I look across all the bikes, I notice our group is considerably larger now. What a responsibility this must be for our Route Coordinator and, of course, it takes a little longer now to get all the bikes fueled. 

The hydration truck is set up to pass out drinks to keep everyone hydrated and alert. Soon we head over to the VA Medical Center where we will have lunch and get a chance to mingle with veteran patients and the staff. These older vets sure do have some interesting things to talk about. So many memories of a long ago past, but for them it was just yesterday.  We listen intently the stories of war and, way to soon, it’s time to head for the bikes. 

The five-minute horn blew and soon we are slowly easing our way out of the parking area waving goodbye as we roll out. Another hundred miles and we arrive at the Piggly Wiggly Fuel Express. After fueling our bikes and staging, there is an area set up off to the side where they have set up tables with snacks, hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream. We get a chance to meet more wonderful people, and also get chance to mingle among our fellow riders. We are getting to know each other pretty well.   All to soon the five-minute horn blows and with a great send-off by the folks of Ashville, we are on our way to Chattanooga, Tennesse.

After a little over two hours of formation riding, we roll into Thunder Creek Harley-Davidson. Thunder Creek Harley completes our day of riding with a delicious dinner and great hospitality as they have been doing for years for us. Our Route Coordinator, as usual, makes our long day of riding well worth the efforts of all. We’re another day closer to the end of the Run For The Wall.

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